I became a follower of Christ when I was 33 and a lawyer practicing in New York. Up to that time I had never read the Bible. I never considered that it was anything but an irrelevant ancient document. When I opened one for the first time to read it as God’s Word to me, I could not believe that I had been trying to navigate life without it. I determined that that would change immediately, and I fully committed to study, learn and apply what I read to my life. Over the years, God’s Word has guided me, comforted me, convicted me, and at times, even pieced me back to together when I felt that I was falling apart!

God has taken me on quite a journey—from practicing law to teaching and writing Biblical studies. This path is one I would never have anticipated, but is now one of my greatest blessings. My husband, John, also a lawyer, is my greatest encouragement. In our earlier years we spent hours discussing complex legal issues, and now we prefer challenging each other with Scripture. We have three grown children who live from San Francisco to New York—so that gives us plenty of opportunity to travel. 

I am thrilled that you have found my website. I hope you will enjoy navigating the pages of God’s Word with me. Please feel free to follow or comment. I would love to hear from you!