Discovering Wonderful Things!

The Psalmist declared, “Open my eyes, that I may see wonderful things from Your law.” Psalm 118:19

Who doesn’t want to see wonderful things?

Wonderful things. Several Bible dictionaries revealed to me that the root word “wonder” is a translation of the word “mopeth.” When used in the Old Testament, “mopeth” means a splendid or conspicuous work, a miracle, a divine act or a special display of divine power. Our use of the word “wonderful” falls far short of that translation. How often have I flippantly said, “This meal is wonderful.”  “It is wonderful to see you.” “I bought a wonderful sweater today.”  But Scripture tells us otherwise! Rather, the Psalmist is telling us that God’s Law, His Word, contains the miraculous, the divine! What wonderful things have I discovered from reading and studying God’s Word?

I have found forgiveness and grace in His Word. I have discovered the way to righteous living—in fact, His Word has often stopped me in my tracks from going down the wrong path. His Word has reminded me over and over again of His faithfulness and love for me. But years ago my mother-in-law Diane, friend and mentor, showed me in a practical way how the wonderful things we discover today in God’s Word, can help us for the trials that lie ahead.

When Diane lost her husband to bone cancer, she grieved his absence tremendously. They were constant companions, and she missed him. Shortly thereafter, she herself was diagnosed with cancer, and faced a valiant and painful battle. Not long after she passed, I was cleaning up her things, and found a bag that contained all her medical records and insurance information. This bag went with us to every doctor appointment. I looked sadly at the bag as it reminded me of our many times together during the last year of her life. I went to throw it away, but felt something at the bottom, which kept me from dumping all the contents. I dug the item out, and found a small journal, well worn, and held together with rubber bands. Inside, written in her own handwriting, was verse after verse of Scripture: verses of comfort from the Psalms, verses of the promises of heaven, and verses of God’s character of love. While she had written a few journal entries on her pain in losing my father-in-law, mostly her pages were a remembrance of all the things she knew to be true of God—wonderful things! This was how she endured her trials and suffering.

During times of suffering, our emotions and anxiety can take over, unless we hold on to what we know is true—that God loves us and has a plan for our lives. Remembering these wonderful truths will equip us through the pain. He has given us the means to endure with peace—His Word. The wonders of God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and promises will help us for whatever lies ahead.

What wonderful things does God have for you today? We can pray to Him: Lord, open my eyes!

(Written for the Women's Ministry Newsletter of MBC)