The Miracle at Cana

On Wednesday evening I gave a teaching on John 2—Jesus’ miracle in which He turned water into wine. Today I visited Cana, the site where this, the first of Jesus’ miracles, took place! I tried to imagine what it would have been like to be at the wedding celebration to witness the miracle. Would I, like the disciples, have believed In Him? What other explanation could exist? The six, very large jars, had been filled to the brim with water. (The picture below is an urn that has been uncovered that is the size and shape as that described in Scripture. It is much bigger than I had imagined!) No one could have carried them away and snuck some wine into them. Additionally, there was no room to add some wine—they were filled to the brim with water. And there were witnesses. The only conclusion possible is that Jesus converted water into wine. If this miracle were the only one recorded in the Gospel, wouldn’t it be enough to believe He is the Son of God?

As I was walking through the ruins, I passed an area that has been covered up with fencing. Despite the covering, some visitors to the site have managed to squeeze different forms of currency through the netting. It would have taken a lot of effort. (A picture is below.) Why had they done this? Did they consider it similar to a wishing well? Did they think that their “offering” would grant them favor with the One who had turned water into wine? Did they think it would give them good luck? It made me sad. They had missed the entire point! Jesus’ miracle demonstrated that He is the Son of God. He came to us. If we believe that, we need to believe everything else He did and said—nothing we can do or give God can grant us favor. He has given us a free gift. I couldn’t leave without praying for all the visitors to Cana. I prayed that they would see the miracle with hearts to believe.

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